Elwin Loomis


Co-creation is all about
making 1+1 greater than 2.

Working together and leveraging each other's strengths and skills, one can achieve much more than you would by working alone.

If you have experienced this kind of group flow state, you understand its power. If not, it is something you have to experience to truly grasp its value, like playing jazz with other musicians. (Ok I feel that's a good simile, I am not a musician, but I have experienced team co-creative flow and it is awesome)

Facilitated by CX/UX/Design Thinking practices. Often we focus on physical space (more like a workshop than standard office) and tools in the virtual space (Miro, Figma etc) to foster co-creation.

Maybe because all of these are easy to demonstrate and show off (how many ‘innovation’ centers proudly show off their space, tools and novel processes.)

Don’t get me wrong I love all of these (and the practitioners especially)

But more important than space, tools and practices
is creating effective
Psychological space.

Psychological space, that is welcoming, inclusive, and safe.

This means that everyone must feel included,
able to learn,
contribute, and
challenge the status quo without fear of criticism.

It is harder to see psychological safety, but it is crucial.
It is a requirement and not optional for teams to find their flow state.

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