Elwin Loomis


crashing on the beach
the water is forever
the waves live short lives

It is said there are
5 stages of grief.
some say there are 7

We assume that this
Is a linear progression.

But grief,
Like all trauma
Isn’t linear.

It doesn’t go away.
Over time the waves may lesson
And they will change,
But never go away.

I am lucky to be sitting on a beach today.
A friend texted me that their mom got a terminal diagnosis.

Watching the waves
I thought of grief,
I thought of Trauma,
I also thought how we are like the waves,
existing for a short glorious time.
but after the wave crashes on the beach,
the water remains.
the water is
the constant.

Back to the tundra of MN tomorrow.

(The image was created by Bing Chat AI, with prompts that it created from my 3 line Haiku above)
Original Link to Linkedin Post: https://bit.ly/40LIaE2

Bing's revision to my Haiku:
Crashing on the beach
The water is forever
Yet the waves -- so brief